12 Korean easy weight loss tips from Celebrities You can try!

12 Korean easy weight loss tips

Korean celebrities seem to look effortlessly good all the time, but the truth is they sacrifice and work a lot to keep up their beautiful appearances. When it comes to weight loss, there’s no shortcut to it: moderate eating and exercise is always the way to go.

But Korean actresses, singers, and influencers have shared their diet and exercising tips that may help us step up our routine and lose weight the healthy way.

Read on to learn workout and diet tips from Park Min Young, Suzy Bae, and other Korean celebrities.


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In order to lose weight for her role in Healer, actress Park Min Young went on a diet for the first time. The diet plan involved consuming only apples and water for three days, so it’s definitely not recommended for most as it depletes your body of essential nutrients.

Apart from her restrictive diet, Park Min Young said that she mostly danced in order to lose weight. We definitely agree that finding something you like to do is one of the best ways to stay consistent and keep the habit going!


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Former girl group member Bae Suzy revealed she underwent an intense diet in order to lose weight for her role in the drama Uncontrollably Fond. She followed a diet meal plan called the “Time Limit” diet, making sure she didn’t eat anything after 6 PM. For breakfast, she would only eat a slice of chicken breast and one sweet potato; for lunch, she ate brown rice and a salad.

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