Dogs : Ubisoft Announces New Date For Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer

Dogs : Ubisoft Announces New Date For Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer

Dogs :

Dogs : Coming Online

Watch Dogs: Legion launched last year to great success. Unfortunately, but fittingly for a hacking game, there were quite a bit of bugs and technical issues in the single player portion of the game. This led Ubisoft to the decision to smooth out those problems before cementing the multiplayer aspects of the game, delaying it into this year. Today, Ubisoft released detailed breakdown of what this online mode has to offer, and I think that the wait will have been worth it. There looks to be a wealth of content online, in addition to what the game launched with.

The online part of Watch Dogs: Legion will not just be a open lobby in single player. It will be its own mode, kind of like GTA Online. Players will be in charge of their own DedSec branch and building it from the ground up. Instead of Tech Points, you will be earning Influence Points, which are used to upgrade weapons, hacks, recruit members, and other things. There are also Season rewards earned by completing daily and weekly challenges or completing tasks on the map. There are PVP modes like Spiderbot Arena, which is pretty self-explanatory; control a spider drone to destroy other spider drones.

There are also a wide variety of multiplayer missions, which you can complete with up to four players. The Tactical Ops missions boast a high difficulty and requires a lot of communication. There will be built in voice-chat, but we all know how divided gamers are on that. You and your hacker friends will be able to try it out when the online modes launch on March 9th. Watch Dogs: Legion is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Stadia.

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